Saturday, March 28, 2009

storage in my scraproom

Hi everyone, this week I'd like to show you some of my storage ideas I use in my scraproom. I'm very lucky to have a whole room dedicated to my craft. Some of my ideas you will find at the scraploot shop so look out for the links.

First off my Clip It Up here. I use this to store all my alphabet sticker sheets except my thickers. This allows my to see and find easily what I'm looking for.

I store all my coloured brads in glass jars( found at the super market) these are actually salt and pepper shakers. I have added a ribbon through the holes of the jars to show what colour brads belong where.

My ribbons are stored by colour in glass jars also, found at a bargain shop. This makes it very easy to find the ribbon that I want.

My Marvey Punches here are stored on a shelf in a wire basket for easy access.

My new ribbons, my favourite ribbons that I use all the time and my printed twill are kept in some beautiful bowls on a shelf, these are at arms length to my desk.My favourite ribbon at the moment is this Carolees Creations floral flourish ribbon in turquoise.

I keep my thickers here in another wire basket sorted by colour. I've only recently sorted them by colour and it makes a big difference when going to find what I need. If you check out my layouts you will see I use thickers on almost every one. One tip, open the packet but dont throw away the packaging keep the letters stored in the original so you don't lose any letters.

On my table I have my most recent purchases and favourite products I use all the time in glass jars and pretty containers, again these are all kept handy. I find I have to see my stuff to use it.

I store my scrap card stock and pattern paper in sheet protectors by colour. I have tied a
co-ordinating ribbon to each one for quick reference.

Buttons, tags, glitters and such are grouped together on a shelf as well as a wooden word for inspiration.

A final shot of my embellishment shelving , which sits directly behind my desk at arms length.

I hope I have give you some storage ideas and would love to take a peak at yours , so load them up in the gallery



Crystal Bowman said...

It's nice to be able to get some ideas for when I finally create myself a "Scrap space" as I scrap at my dining table. My stuff is stored in my crop toolbox on wheels but is finally beginning too outgrow it's home. I can't wait til I can create my own space to scrap!

Scraploot Scrappers said...

Hi Kim, looks fabulous. My room is nearly there. What was the office before we moved into the shop is now officially known as the scrap ha...still a few things to do..but then I have no excuse (as Sheree keeps telling me LOL)

Taryn said...

Love ur scraproom, Kim. U R soooooo organised. Must be the secret to creating great work. Now, if you could just come over and do mine for me, and also maybe come and tidy it up every now and then. Make that every night, really...

Anthea said...

gorgeous room there Kim!!

Crystal Bowman said...

I don't have a "room" yet but have a piccy in the gallery for a storage idea!