Friday, March 6, 2009

Message from Anthea

Hey girls just wanted to let you know that Anthea has disappeared because she just spilt a drink all over her laptop LOL... and is trying very hard to clean it and get back on... (but shhhhh i didnt just tell you she did that LOL)

so any probs just let me know



Kath Parker said...

I hope her lap top is ok

Felicity said...

uh oh.. Dont you hate when that happens!!! :(

Crystal Bowman said...

Mmm. Too much to drink hey Anthea!! What did I tell you - an average of 2 a day!

sheree said...

LOL Crystal i said the same thing to her on the phone in between me laughing so hard i couldnt hear her LOL

Anthea said...

its OK gilrls, Im here!! I stuffed the keyboard so I have had to get a new one, now to get used to it.

Hope you all had fun last night, I am looking forward to seeing a full gallery this week!!