Monday, March 16, 2009


I love to journal! I was drawn to scrapbooking as I loved how I could tell my story. My motto has been for many years-

the photos will never fade but the memories can

I try my very best to write things down so when I scrapbook my photos I can tell the story or the memory that goes with it. I am also date obsessed and recording a date on a page is a MUST, I love to remember when and this is easily forgotten as time moves so quick.

There are many ways to add journaling to your page. I love all the cool note cards and journaling spots for sale at SCRAPLOOT.

HOWEVER, I dislike my handwriting……it has no flow and just looks boring.
I CAN run any card through a printer with some great prepositional glue but there are also times when the cards or spots aren’t the right colour.

The good news is there are many quick and cost effective ways to make your own journaling spots

All you need to make these funky journaling cards is- any of the MARVY punches and the time to play with the drawing tools and text boxes in Microsoft Publisher. It is as simple as measuring your punched shape and drawing a circle, square or rectangle. Double click on the shape and select SIZE, type in the size you want your shape. I got a big outline on my shape by using the fill option and then drawing over the top with another white circle.

In April I am teaching a class at SCRAPLOOT on making these, so keep your eye out in the calendar.

To solve my handwriting problem I just put a text box over the top of my shape and type straight in.
The cutest handwriting fonts can be found here, WARNING you can spend hours of your time on this FREE site as the fonts are just “a-messy-handwriters-paradise”.

This interactive layout lifts to reveal facts about my life at 32.....another obsession of mine is to do an age layout every year and record memories about me at that age.

Here are some square journaling spots. I will add some more facts on photos on the dotted paper.
Now here is a story I just had to tell. When I pulled the Christmas Tree down this year Max was hysterical! He shook the post and screamed that he wanted it back.

For this layout I printed out my journaling and then used the MEGA MARVEY punch. I used 3 rectangles and joined them together to make one large background for my journaling.
In this layout I have used the purple MARVY punch and typed the number of years Darren and I have been together and the date.

thanks for popping by and don't forget to keep telling the stories that generations are going to read for 100s of years.


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