Sunday, March 22, 2009

pregnancy journal update

I thought it might be time to add another couple of chapters to the pregnancy journal, so today i am adding two more pages... 12-16 weeks and 16-20 weeks. As i have explained most details of the album in previous posts i will mainly add tips from the layouts this time

12-16 weeks

*always be on the lookout for how you can use an old product in a new way... i have used a scalloped frame in this layout as large photo corners just by cutting it in half.

*cutting interesting pieces out of your patterned paper can give you inexpensive embellishments which coordinate perfectly with the other items on your layout

16-20 weeks

* paper from a notebook makes a perfect place to journal, i have chosen to use notepaper as a running theme throuout my album to note down the facts about the pregnancy...

* its always a good idea to scan ultra sound pictures into the computer and print onto photopaper to use in your layouts, this gives you a extra copies and ensures the original stays in tact

* Never laminate your ultra sound scan pictures, the paper and ink they use for the scans do not do well with heat... you will end up with a black piece of paper!!

*other things that you could add to your pregnancy journal are- tummy measurements, weight, dr visits, blood test results, ultra sound results, peoples reactions to the preganancy, feelings you have, choices you have made and why, preperation details....

As you can see i have kept the same layout design as my previous pages, this ensures that the whole album will flow on nicely. i have chosen to keep the pages quite simple so that they pages dont become confusing and too full, this means that the photos and information are the main focus of the layout.

until next time.....
Jode xx


Kim said...

well done again, its looking great

Crystal Bowman said...

Love this. I am so going to do this with my next bub!

Scraploot Scrappers said...

Hi Jode, wow halfway there...hope you feeling as good as you sound with your tips..Sue

Anthea said...

this album is looking good Jode! I love the way you have taken this