Saturday, March 28, 2009

storage in my scraproom

Hi everyone, this week I'd like to show you some of my storage ideas I use in my scraproom. I'm very lucky to have a whole room dedicated to my craft. Some of my ideas you will find at the scraploot shop so look out for the links.

First off my Clip It Up here. I use this to store all my alphabet sticker sheets except my thickers. This allows my to see and find easily what I'm looking for.

I store all my coloured brads in glass jars( found at the super market) these are actually salt and pepper shakers. I have added a ribbon through the holes of the jars to show what colour brads belong where.

My ribbons are stored by colour in glass jars also, found at a bargain shop. This makes it very easy to find the ribbon that I want.

My Marvey Punches here are stored on a shelf in a wire basket for easy access.

My new ribbons, my favourite ribbons that I use all the time and my printed twill are kept in some beautiful bowls on a shelf, these are at arms length to my desk.My favourite ribbon at the moment is this Carolees Creations floral flourish ribbon in turquoise.

I keep my thickers here in another wire basket sorted by colour. I've only recently sorted them by colour and it makes a big difference when going to find what I need. If you check out my layouts you will see I use thickers on almost every one. One tip, open the packet but dont throw away the packaging keep the letters stored in the original so you don't lose any letters.

On my table I have my most recent purchases and favourite products I use all the time in glass jars and pretty containers, again these are all kept handy. I find I have to see my stuff to use it.

I store my scrap card stock and pattern paper in sheet protectors by colour. I have tied a
co-ordinating ribbon to each one for quick reference.

Buttons, tags, glitters and such are grouped together on a shelf as well as a wooden word for inspiration.

A final shot of my embellishment shelving , which sits directly behind my desk at arms length.

I hope I have give you some storage ideas and would love to take a peak at yours , so load them up in the gallery


Sunday, March 22, 2009

pregnancy journal update

I thought it might be time to add another couple of chapters to the pregnancy journal, so today i am adding two more pages... 12-16 weeks and 16-20 weeks. As i have explained most details of the album in previous posts i will mainly add tips from the layouts this time

12-16 weeks

*always be on the lookout for how you can use an old product in a new way... i have used a scalloped frame in this layout as large photo corners just by cutting it in half.

*cutting interesting pieces out of your patterned paper can give you inexpensive embellishments which coordinate perfectly with the other items on your layout

16-20 weeks

* paper from a notebook makes a perfect place to journal, i have chosen to use notepaper as a running theme throuout my album to note down the facts about the pregnancy...

* its always a good idea to scan ultra sound pictures into the computer and print onto photopaper to use in your layouts, this gives you a extra copies and ensures the original stays in tact

* Never laminate your ultra sound scan pictures, the paper and ink they use for the scans do not do well with heat... you will end up with a black piece of paper!!

*other things that you could add to your pregnancy journal are- tummy measurements, weight, dr visits, blood test results, ultra sound results, peoples reactions to the preganancy, feelings you have, choices you have made and why, preperation details....

As you can see i have kept the same layout design as my previous pages, this ensures that the whole album will flow on nicely. i have chosen to keep the pages quite simple so that they pages dont become confusing and too full, this means that the photos and information are the main focus of the layout.

until next time.....
Jode xx

Thursday, March 19, 2009

RAK winner

Hi girls, I am back with the winner of my last RAK.

I used a random number generator to pick for me.

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

SO that would Make Kath Parker the winner of my last RAK, I still have your address so I will post something off to you tomorrow.
thanks for playing along girls

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cyber Crop Winner

Well the DT has placed their votes and they have been tallied twice.
Firstly I want to thank you all for joining in on our first ever Cyber Crop, who knows there may be another one in the near future. Stay tuned here for more competitions and for some fabulous DT work, the Scraploot blog is being updated on a regular basis.

So without further ado please join me in congratulating our first ever Cyber Crop Winner


Congratulations Taryn, you have won a $25 voucher to the Scraploot shop.

please contact Sue and Craig to collect your voucher

I will be back tomorrow with the winner of my last RAK ( sorry for the hold up )


Monday, March 16, 2009


I love to journal! I was drawn to scrapbooking as I loved how I could tell my story. My motto has been for many years-

the photos will never fade but the memories can

I try my very best to write things down so when I scrapbook my photos I can tell the story or the memory that goes with it. I am also date obsessed and recording a date on a page is a MUST, I love to remember when and this is easily forgotten as time moves so quick.

There are many ways to add journaling to your page. I love all the cool note cards and journaling spots for sale at SCRAPLOOT.

HOWEVER, I dislike my handwriting……it has no flow and just looks boring.
I CAN run any card through a printer with some great prepositional glue but there are also times when the cards or spots aren’t the right colour.

The good news is there are many quick and cost effective ways to make your own journaling spots

All you need to make these funky journaling cards is- any of the MARVY punches and the time to play with the drawing tools and text boxes in Microsoft Publisher. It is as simple as measuring your punched shape and drawing a circle, square or rectangle. Double click on the shape and select SIZE, type in the size you want your shape. I got a big outline on my shape by using the fill option and then drawing over the top with another white circle.

In April I am teaching a class at SCRAPLOOT on making these, so keep your eye out in the calendar.

To solve my handwriting problem I just put a text box over the top of my shape and type straight in.
The cutest handwriting fonts can be found here, WARNING you can spend hours of your time on this FREE site as the fonts are just “a-messy-handwriters-paradise”.

This interactive layout lifts to reveal facts about my life at 32.....another obsession of mine is to do an age layout every year and record memories about me at that age.

Here are some square journaling spots. I will add some more facts on photos on the dotted paper.
Now here is a story I just had to tell. When I pulled the Christmas Tree down this year Max was hysterical! He shook the post and screamed that he wanted it back.

For this layout I printed out my journaling and then used the MEGA MARVEY punch. I used 3 rectangles and joined them together to make one large background for my journaling.
In this layout I have used the purple MARVY punch and typed the number of years Darren and I have been together and the date.

thanks for popping by and don't forget to keep telling the stories that generations are going to read for 100s of years.

Sheree's RAK winners

Hi everyone

Did you all enjoy our first ever cyber crop??? All the layouts in the gallery are looking awsome and congrats to so many of you for getting so much without further ado here are my winners for my 2 RAKS

Card RAK winner goes to - Crystal

Blog comment RAK goes to - Taryn

Can you girls please email at with your address details and ill get the RAK's out to you asap...

thanks again for joining

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sue's RAK

Hi girls, my RAK below is closed, I will draw a winner for that when I get home (I am currently visiting my family) .

Sue has a RAK to give away now. Sue wants to reward the biggest commenter from the Cyber Crop, SO with a HUGE 28 posts Felicity CONGRATULATIONS!

Felicity please contact Sue to receive your RAK.

For anyone else wishing to take part in the Cyber Crop you still have time left to get all 4 challenges completed and up in the gallery, even if you weren't chatting with us during the Cyber Crop, just make sure you upload your challenges into the Scraploot Gallery by midnight Sunday night NSW Time.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

RAK Time

OK for my last RAK I want you to go through the Scraploot Shop and tell me what your FAVOURITE product is and why and leave a link to that product.

Simple as!! you will have until Saturday this weekend to leave a post here and I will randomly draw a name out of a 'hat' and the winner will receive a Rak with some **BLING**


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Happenings

Hi girls... well im here at work and im rather tired LOL after not getting home till 1am this morning from our huge fun crop night... lots of chatting and laughing was happening which was great....

so how are you all going with the challenges?? i see so many gorgeous pages in the gallery well done girls... look forward to seeing lots more...

Ok now for todays RAK... I would like you to got to Anthea's Blog and leave a comment on there for her saying Hi and that you are here from the Scraploot Cyber Crop... and then hop on over to my blog also and leave me a comment saying the same thing... i will put all the comments in a hat and draw a winner for a RAK from me.....

stay tuned more to come....


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Happenings...

Hi everyone
How are you all going with the challenges?? Are you getting them all done??? great to see some of you are putting them up in the gallery they are looking gorgeous so far...

Sue and I are here at the store tonight for our very busy crop night with 25 ladies scrapping away (well they are scrapping Sue and I are chatting and mingling LOL)....

Cant wait to see more of your creations in our gallery... dont forget to keep on checking back there will be another RAK up for grabs tomorrow....

Have a fun night


Friday, March 6, 2009

Night everyone

Ok well i really think i must call it a night (I have a huge fun day at work tomorrow)... i hope that you all enjoyed our first ever cyber crop... it was alot of fun chatting to each of you and im so glad you decided to join in with us....

ok dont forget all challenges are due Midnight Sunday March 15th...

ill pop back on over the weekend to see how you are all going and there may be even some more rak's up for grabs so keep on checking back over the rest of the weekend...



Challenge #4

(and final challenge)
** Just posting this up for Anthea**

Another Sketch girls =)told you we were taking it easy on you tonight!Righto thanks to Page Maps we have another sketch, but this time it is a double. Doubles arent very commen but are handy when you have a big story to tell.
like the other challenges girls, this must be uploaded in the correct Gallery by midnight Sunday March 15th NSW time .


Well, we have just fallen off our chairs here.... Remember (how could you forget) what happened down in Victoria a few weeks ago. Well Craig was on the phone to Linda (his sister) who was in the middle of the Churchill fire, and they have just had an EARTHQUAKE. Thats right, an earthquake. My Sister Chris lives in Melbourne and just rang to tell us. OMG how much more can they take down there..have no idea where the epicentre was or how much damage, lets just hope it wasn't a big one, just a lot of shaking about.

Rak number 2

Hi girls hope you are all enjoying your selves, these challenges look like fun, im having a go my self too.
I'm giving a Rak away tonight as well I've bundled up some goodies and will be giving them away to the first person to upload all their challenges into the gallery. Once they have been uploaded leave a comment on the blog and ill be in touch. Good luck and happy scrapping !!!!!!!!

Message from Anthea

Hey girls just wanted to let you know that Anthea has disappeared because she just spilt a drink all over her laptop LOL... and is trying very hard to clean it and get back on... (but shhhhh i didnt just tell you she did that LOL)

so any probs just let me know


Challenge #3

Ok here is challenge #3...

*** I will be giving a Rak away for this challenge also... all names will go into a hat for a chance to win a RAK from me****
A card challenge.... make a card with the following....

* number/s on the card somewhere

* note type paper on the card somewhere

see simple hey... here is my example

have fun...


RAK time

OK girls, now I have a little RAK to give away.

BUT you have to earn it.

Your Mission is to go through the
Scraploot Shop and tell me WHO the manufacturer of the chipboard bird is on my below layout (from challenge 1) AND give me a link to the bird in the Shop.

Should you chose to accept your mission I will send you out some Journaling Spots.
SO get Cracking, first one back with the correct link will win the RAK.

Challenge #2

Hi girls... i hope your all enjoying yourself and are now stuck into challenge #1...
Well here is your challenge #2... im a huge huge sketch freak so thought i might give you all a fun sketch to work with tonight with one of my favourite sketch artists Becky Fleck from Page Maps... please use the sketch as best you can... here is the sketch

and here is my page example using this sketch....

Make sure your LO is uploaded into the Scraploot Gallery in the correct gallery by midnight NSW time Sunday March 14.

have fun


to keep track

Hi girls im finally here (few computer issues grrr)

to keep a track of the challenges tonight instead of scrolling down all the time i have added a link in the sidebar called Happenings... under this you will see the titles of the subjects... click on these and they will take you directly to the topic you want... if you have any probs please let us know my email is ill be on here most of the night (well i may need to sleep sometime since i have to work tomorrow LOL)...

hope your all having fun



Hi Girls, welcome to our very first Cyber Crop. Can't tell you how proud both Craig and I are of both Anthea and Sheree, who decided to come up with the cyber crop....we are just so lucky to have both of these wonderful ladies (and talented as well) as a part of the Scraploot Team...Awesome you two....

Challenge 1

OK Girls, the first challenge, an easy one too!

I want you to add in 3 elements to your LO, that simple!!

OK the requirements I want to see on your layouts is

  • A Frame
  • Stitching
  • Ribbon

Simple as that!!

Here is my sample, now remember I want to see YOUR take on this, you don't need to copy what I have done, just make sure the Layout you create has those 3 things on it and you are all set to go!

Now my Frame is the Bella Cardstock, I trimmed the middle out and used it to frame my LO, the Ribbon is Bella also and the Stitching is on the frame as well as on the ribbon. Feel free to take these elements as far as you like, but so long as they are all there.

Make sure your LO is uploaded into the Scraploot Gallery in the correct gallery by midnight NSW time Sunday March 14.

Have Fun

Stay tuned for some prizes and more challenges.....

Cyber Crop

So girls, how are we all tonight? I will be back at 7.30 to post the first challenge.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cyber Crop Hints

Just to get you ready for tomorrow night girls I thought I would pop up some hints on our challenges.
  • You will be set 4 challenges, 3 being Layouts and the other being something slightly smaller, how are your card making skills?? =)
  • You will be seeing Double as well as Single
  • You will need a small office supply item, don't worry everyone should have it ;)
  • You will have some help along the way, cant quite remember what though my brain is a little Sketchy.....
LOL hope these help you out girls, looking forward to tomorrow night. We can chat in the comment sections of the challenges, and don't forget that there will be some random prizes going off tomorrow night too, be prepared to be on the blog for those.
'See' you all tomorrow night

My First class

I had a ball on Tuesday night teaching, chatting and creating at Scraploot.
As promised girls here are the 3 layouts I made with 8 pieces of the COSMO range. I could still get at least another 2 layouts with the left overs.

Don't forget the cybercrop this Friday night!!!!!
I will be popping in but as I have a DVD slideshow to make for my friends 40th on Saturday I might be a little stressed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

**Scraploots First ever Cyber Crop**

We are very excited to be holding our very first Cyber Crop here on the Scraploot Blog!! Come and drop by the Blog on March the 6th for some challenges that will be set by two of our Design Team Members, Sheree and Anthea.

Challenges will start at 7.30pm and you will have untill midnight Sunday the 15th of March to have your challenges completed and posted in our
Gallery. The DT will then vote on the overall winner who will recieve a voucher to spend in the Scraploot Shop and 2 random prizes will be put up by Sheree and Anthea.
See you Friday night!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Its a special day today....

Because its SUE's BIRTHDAY......

Happy birthday Sue I hope you have a fun filled special day... You deserve to be spoilt....

Lots of love and hugs

Sheree and the Looters