Monday, January 26, 2009

Colouring Pearls

So I have to admit I am a Pearl fan, I just love the little effect they add as an embellishment to any layout, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a blog and on it they had a little tutorial on changing the colours of your pearls, and it works with rhinestones too!! BONUS!

All you need is some Alcohol inks, Pearls or Rhinestones and some scrap paper ( I used 3 sheets so that the ink didnt bleed through to my desk)Place your pearls and/or rhinestones onto the paper leaving a little room between each one then colour away. I found it was easier to roll the tip of the ink around the top of your pearl or rhinestone for even coverage Colour it with as many different colours as you like, and once they are dry the adhesive still sticks so apply them to your work

Here are a couple of layouts where I have added my coloured pearls

By the way I hope you have all had a fabulous Australia Day and did something Australian, we headed out to a beach for some chips with the Seagulls and I am about to spark up the BBQ for dinner, YUMMO!!

Thanks for popping by, dont forget to say 'Hi'


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pregnancy Journal post 1

As you may be aware i have recently found out that i am pregnant, so from here on in i will be completing a pregnancy journal and uploading the many pages to the Scraploot blog and to the gallery... So i guess you have no other choice but to join me as the drama of this wonderful pregnancy unfolds and hopefully i will give you some inspiration and some techniques to use on your scrapbooking projects as well ;o)

Today i am going to share with you the cover and page one

This gorgeous album actually came with the two little windows cut out which i thought was quite cute!!

1. measure and cut the blue sheet of paper to fit the album. Ink and adhere the blue sheet of paper onto the album, making sure to cut the window holes out precisely

2. cut the patterned paper to the same measurements as the blue paper. Trace the window holes but instead of cutting the windows out precisely, measure a few centimeters in at each edge and cut. Then make a diagonal cut from the corners you have just cut to the corners that you drew when tracing the window holes

3. using your fingernails (or a ruler) to score your patterned bending the paper up. Run your fingernail the whole length of the paper gently lifting it as you go. Next roll the paper back and forth with your fingers creating a rolled effect, do not worry about the paper tearing as this just adds to the effect. Complete for each edge, and ink gently over the top to finish. Adhere over the blue piece of paper, taking care to leave the edges free

4. Embellish

As you can see you could use this technique for any album of your choice. You could create a mini album on your goals and update the album as you strive to complete them, a weight loss journal, study journal, your child's first year .... the list is endless and because they are mini albums they take such a small amount of time to do!!!!

ill leave you with page one of my album
Journaling reads: i guess it all started with me feeling tired. I had constant stomach cramps and of course sore breasts. I think if i had the dreaded morning sickness we probably would have figured it out sooner but it wasn't until i described my symptoms out loud that we thought that there could be a possibility... What topped it off was me finishing my sentence with "its almost like there is a ball of something hiding in my stomach" That was realisation time, we looked at each other knowing that the next step would be The Test!

Thanks for reading and i hope you got something out of this post

take care Jode

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The year that was 2008

I love to review the year. It is great fun going through the photos taken, reading the calendar and reviewing my blog to put the memories of the year together. Since 2003 I have done this on a layout. I enjoy recording the events in our lives, along with Australian and world news events.

Kaiser have made these great albums that are 6x6 inches and have the year on them, so I had a ball reviewing 2008 and putting it all in this special album.

Kaiser album
Kaiser ‘What a HOOT’ papers
Making Memories ‘celery’ paint
Hambly transparency.
Book rings
2 Crafty chipboard tree
7 Gypsies ‘memories’ sticker sheet.

Paint the edges of the album celery green.
Stamp over the numerals using a large background stamp.
Please click on the photos for a larger view.Journaling ideas
In the album I have used 3 types of journaling - Our family overview of the year, personal overview of Max, Darren and I over the year and world and Australian news.Our family overview of the year
The busy year, the year that flew by, I think I blinked and I missed it!
We attended 2 weddings, many children’s birthdays, a 30th, IDOL parties, a demolition party and spent many weekends BBQing and catching up with friends.
Kirsten ended her tour of Sydney and returned to England on the 6th Jan., I really missed our house guest and wished we lived closer to each other. Summer was spent in the pool, when we could as it seemed the drought broke in February as there was a lot of rainfall.
Darren worked his 5th year at MIDAS concord and had to work way too hard. He did lots of gas conversions and baby seats, Dave was sacked and Daz put on an apprentice. I worked 4 days at Bonnyrigg public school. My wonderful 1/2H were beautiful children, it was a great year in the classroom. I cherished Thursdays each week, shopping, taking Max to swimming lessons and ironing/cleaning. Max spent two days a week with my mum and two days with Linda. He had a ball everyday. We also lost our dogs, Pebbles to an eye tumor in August and Bronte in November to a brain tumor. They were both 9 years old. We continued the journey of trying to fall pregnant! Cheers to 2008….the year that was!
Here is my personal overview
Toured Sydney with Kirsten.
Renovated the scrap/computer room.
Taught the wonderful 1/2H.
Went away on 2 scrapbook weekends
Had day surgery.
Attended 2 photography classes.
Had a few girls nights out.
Turned 32.
Still obsessed by scrapbooking.
Got a GHD.
Loved walking with Jelena
Had acupuncture.
Loved watching reality TV.
Saw Mamma Mia in Gold Class.
Got a Pandora bracelet.
Joined “Slice of Life”.
Loved blog surfing and my forum friends.

the world and at home….
Kevin Rudd said SORRY to the Aboriginal people.
Thousands of pilgrims came to Sydney to meet the pope

economic crisis - HIGH interests rates

we lost Heath Ledger, Kerryn McCann and Jane McGrath

the Olympics in China rocked - Aussies won 17 GOLD.
Michael Phelps- 8 Gold Medals at one Olympics.

Obama WINS!!!!!!

Underbelly A hit for channel 9

Pregnant man.

Hollywood writers strikeNicole Kidman and Keith Urban had a baby girl.

Bart Cummings won a 12th Melbourne cup

These albums also come in 2009, so grab one today and start preparing ahead too.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Simply Cardstock

Using just cardstock can be an effective background for your layouts, as it allows you to place emphasis on your photos, you can highlight the subject in your photo by choosing colours similiar to what they are wearing or make the background standout by choosing colours that match the background.

The simplicity of cardstock used as the dominant colour and as the secondary and accent colours can make your layout stylish and fresh looking.
Another reason to just use coloured cardstock for your layouts is that sometimes its just to difficult to find a patterned paper that matches your photos. Scraploot carries a wide variety of bazzil cardstock for you to choose from see here

Finally it allows your to play around with your embellishments and these too can be emphasised.
Boys will be boys
The redish bazzil cardstock places an emphasis on my son, other goodies include 7 gypsies 97% complete stickers and words here

Our connection
Here I have chosen to use white and aqua cardstock and not the purple, as purple is one of my least favourite colours, even though there is only a smidgen of aqua in the photo I thought it worked well and gave the feeling of calmness to the layout. The heading is a combo of American Craft thickers see here and I got to use my favourite ribbon from Carolees creations the turquoise floral flourish here , finally the flowers are from green tara here
1st bath

Here I have used two shades of aqua cardstock as my background and then mounted my photo on the flesh coloured card to emphasis my son, again I have used the floral flourish ribbon from Carolees creations as well as American craft glitter thickers here and 7 gypsies 97% stickers see link above.


Here I have placed equal emphasis on both my son and the wall by using similiar coloured cardstock, as both things are needed to tell the story. Again I have used American craft thickers and 7 Gypsies 97% word stickers, there are so many different themes of these you will be able to find a set that suits you.


My final layout Daddy is a very stylish layout. Using dark brown cardstock as your background colour always grounds your layout and allows you to use lighter and brighter colours in the foreground .The variety of colours and styles of American craft thickers also allows you to easily match them to your cardstock.

I hope I have given you a different perspective on choosing cardstock for your layouts, happy creating.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

A very happy new year to you all!!

Wowee can you believe that's another year gone?.....and in true fashion I'm yet to scrap even half of my photo's!!

But I have had the scrapping bug lately which has brought me back to using paint on my layouts & I'd just like to share a few tips & techniques with you all.

A few different ways to use paint on your layouts.........
On this first layout I have used my Making memories foam stamps which have been one of my favourite stamps to use over the years. I like to use a paint brush to apply the paint to my stamps as this gives a nice even coat when stamping. I drew a 3inch circle underneath my photo & worked my way around it using the same stamp & applying paint each time I stamped. I used this pattern as a Matt for my photo. I highlighted some of the stamped images using a white gel marker around the edges.
I also used Making memories paint which Sue & Craig have a wonder range of colours in the shop.

Another way to use paint on your lo is to grab a dry brush & dab it in your paint, now on a spare piece of paper dab it a few times to use any excess up as you just want a light effect, now using long straight swipes work around the edges of your page to create a border. I find using this technique helps to draw your page together & helps highlight your main stamping.

This is another page I have been working on with paint & it was a little hard to photograph but I have cut a triangle shape out of my Sassafras pattern paper & using the dry brush & paint technique I created a frame around the triangle edge before I placed some coordinating paper underneath.I then trimmed the triangle and using GD pop up dots placed the triangle back in creating a border for my journaling.

I've also used paint underneath this stamped image on a transparency to give a clearer view of it on the busy pattern paper.

Well I'm hoping some of you may find these techniques useful & Id love to see what you may come up with if you upload them into our Scraploot gallery .

I'd just like to wish you all a safe & creative New Year & may all your dreams be embellished ones!!
Until next time
Kylie :)