Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pregnancy Journal post 1

As you may be aware i have recently found out that i am pregnant, so from here on in i will be completing a pregnancy journal and uploading the many pages to the Scraploot blog and to the gallery... So i guess you have no other choice but to join me as the drama of this wonderful pregnancy unfolds and hopefully i will give you some inspiration and some techniques to use on your scrapbooking projects as well ;o)

Today i am going to share with you the cover and page one

This gorgeous album actually came with the two little windows cut out which i thought was quite cute!!

1. measure and cut the blue sheet of paper to fit the album. Ink and adhere the blue sheet of paper onto the album, making sure to cut the window holes out precisely

2. cut the patterned paper to the same measurements as the blue paper. Trace the window holes but instead of cutting the windows out precisely, measure a few centimeters in at each edge and cut. Then make a diagonal cut from the corners you have just cut to the corners that you drew when tracing the window holes

3. using your fingernails (or a ruler) to score your patterned bending the paper up. Run your fingernail the whole length of the paper gently lifting it as you go. Next roll the paper back and forth with your fingers creating a rolled effect, do not worry about the paper tearing as this just adds to the effect. Complete for each edge, and ink gently over the top to finish. Adhere over the blue piece of paper, taking care to leave the edges free

4. Embellish

As you can see you could use this technique for any album of your choice. You could create a mini album on your goals and update the album as you strive to complete them, a weight loss journal, study journal, your child's first year .... the list is endless and because they are mini albums they take such a small amount of time to do!!!!

ill leave you with page one of my album
Journaling reads: i guess it all started with me feeling tired. I had constant stomach cramps and of course sore breasts. I think if i had the dreaded morning sickness we probably would have figured it out sooner but it wasn't until i described my symptoms out loud that we thought that there could be a possibility... What topped it off was me finishing my sentence with "its almost like there is a ball of something hiding in my stomach" That was realisation time, we looked at each other knowing that the next step would be The Test!

Thanks for reading and i hope you got something out of this post

take care Jode


Kim said...

this is stunning, just love the first two pages

Kylie said...

Such a beautiful album to treasure such a wonderful journey!!
Love it Jodi.....look forward to seeing more!!