Monday, January 26, 2009

Colouring Pearls

So I have to admit I am a Pearl fan, I just love the little effect they add as an embellishment to any layout, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a blog and on it they had a little tutorial on changing the colours of your pearls, and it works with rhinestones too!! BONUS!

All you need is some Alcohol inks, Pearls or Rhinestones and some scrap paper ( I used 3 sheets so that the ink didnt bleed through to my desk)Place your pearls and/or rhinestones onto the paper leaving a little room between each one then colour away. I found it was easier to roll the tip of the ink around the top of your pearl or rhinestone for even coverage Colour it with as many different colours as you like, and once they are dry the adhesive still sticks so apply them to your work

Here are a couple of layouts where I have added my coloured pearls

By the way I hope you have all had a fabulous Australia Day and did something Australian, we headed out to a beach for some chips with the Seagulls and I am about to spark up the BBQ for dinner, YUMMO!!

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sheree said...

oh wow i love this idea im so going to give it a try... gorgeous pages as always girly...

take care

Kylie said...

Top idea Anthea!! to get myself some inks!!

Kim said...

Fabo will have to pull out my stash of pearls

Elizabeth Woods said...

Thank you Anthea!

I will definitely be using this tip!