Wednesday, May 13, 2009

pregnancy journal

oh the post that nearly wasn't!!! A simple thing such as updating a blog can be crazy when you add into that placenta brain, dodgy Internet connections, inability to remember passwords and power interruptions!! i almost gave up... believe me

anyway just an update on the pregnancy journal

and some answers to questions that i have had regarding the album recently
what can i do if i have fallen behind on the album... i cant remember what was happening for a couple of the months??
I have a couple of methods that seem to work really well
1. i have a note pad that i jot things down in, first time i felt bub kick, funny things my other children have said, weight (arrgh), when i grew out of my favourite jeans (still sad over that one!!)
2. i scour my diary, one of my worst symptoms during my pregnancies is my forgetfulness because of this i write important appointments and such in my diary... as i am going back over the previous entries i am able to jog my memory using the appointments or events that were happening that month
3. ask fellow family members and work colleagues, its amazing how much other people remember about what you talk about or complain about lol. My children are great for reminding me how all i did for weeks on end was complain about being tired or the story they tell about naming our baby and how they remember when it was is really cute.
How do you work out what goes into the journal and what stays out??
when i started this journal i thought about my target audience, in this case it was my three children. I needed to cater to all three age groups without overdoing the information or leaving questions in my oldest daughters mind. I have kept information short and to the point and left out alot of my feelings because i found it just left more unanswered questions, because of this i have a small diary which i have a more personal account of the pregnancy in. Think about who is going to read the album most and cater for that person in particular.
if something was to happen to baby what would you do with the album??
i would definitely keep it, whether or not the baby has a happy, healthy outcome or not ...these are still memories of a part of our lives that happened!! i think if anything the album and the information, ultra sounds and developments would become more important and i would feel so happy that i had something to remember baby by. I have had a few people email me saying that they were too scared to start an album In case something bad was to happen... and now they regret it
my advise is do what feels right for you. Your album doesn't have to have pictures and technical information, it could be as simple as a feelings diary. There is also nothing stopping you from completing an album or diary after the event using the methods above.
Ultimately you are the only one who can decide whether or not to have an album of this event
ok that is it for now, if you have any questions feel free to email me as other people have done... i can answer questions directly to you or if i feel it will help other people i will post a small response here
thanks for reading

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