Monday, February 16, 2009

update on pregnancy journal

I thought i would just update the blog with the latest pages from my pregnancy journal

The journal has taken on a different feel from what i initially decided on, it has now become a little more child friendly than what i had intended. Gone is My diary of thoughts feelings and ramblings and instead i have found myself catering to my children's curiosity with "the book about our baby". I have kept the pages pretty simple and they will all have the same repetitive theme throughout so that my children can focus on their interests in the pregnancy. As i have children of different ages i found that the best way that i could cater to all the age needs was to include a little bit for each of them.

I have included a little Facts spiel for my ever knowledgeable 11 year old daughter with developmental photos of the baby. A run down on how i have been going through the pregnancy for my sensitive and ever so worried 7 year old son and some pretty pictures of mummies expanding tummy and lots of butterflies thrown in for little miss four.

i have found that as i add pages my children pour over them, they cant wait for me to add more pages to their book about our baby.

For some extra fun i have added page numbers at the bottom right of every page set so that little miss four knows she is on the right page :0) and so that she can choose her favourite pages, no doubt it will be page four lol as that is her favourite number!!! Also there are some reoccurring favourite items ie. butterflies that happen to be on each page for her to hunt down and find.. some are very hidden.

*All facts have come from, i have signed up for the weekly pregnancy newsletter. Every Monday my family know that we will receive another update on what is happening with our baby and because it is a weekly update my children especially feel like the baby is ever changing (as it is) and that the pregnancy is going so much faster (lucky them lol). It is very informative and an invaluable source of information for mothers to be!!!

* All photos of my fat tummy are taken by miss 11 year old budding photographer.


Kylie said...

WOW Jode!!!!!
Those pages are stunning!! .....can't wait to see more of your journal & cyber meet your precious bundle!!
Just lovely ...tfs x

Kim said...

Jode this will be such a treasure to you and your children in the future, its beautiful. Ps i get those emails from the babycenter have been for two years