Saturday, November 15, 2008

Button tips

OK YES i must confess I own 14 MEDIUM sizes jars of buttons, they are my rainbow on my scrap desk! I now collect buttons just like I do patterned paper!

On this 8.5 x 11 layout I made a giant felt number 2 and covered it in buttons.

In MS Word type the number you require and make the font around 350. Select outline from font options so you don't waste ink. Print it out and you have a pattern to use to cut a felt number.

I also used the circles in this patterned paper to make paper buttons.

When I want to thread a large umber of buttons I thread them on one long piece of DMC thread. It is a quick way to achieve the threaded look.

Buttons add splashes of colour and texture to pages

I love dotting my i's and j's with buttons to add a bit of interest. You can also use them as the center of letters like "o" and "p."

Use this 2 Crafty tree and make a 'button tree'. Gather buttons of 3-4 colours and various sizes.
Cut out a paper background to glue the tree and buttons to.
Fill in the spaces.

Use buttons to make a speech bubble for things children/people say.

Emboss buttons with coloured embossing power to match other page accents.

In this layout the stars and buttons all match.

place rub-ons on buttons to make them stand out.
Stamp on buttons using staz-on ink.
Create a bullet list for journaling. Use buttons as the bullets.
Use large buttons as the letter o.
Make a button Christmas tree, in a triangular shape. Add dots of Kindy Glitz for that much needed sparkle.
When I want to sort through my buttons I tip them into a long tray, gather the ones I like and tip the rest back in. This ensures that the buttons do not tip all over the scrap room floor.
happy creating


Kim said...

belinda, what fantastic ideas for buttons will definately go through my stash now, thanks

Scraploot Scrappers said...

Fantastic Belinda...I will never look at buttons in the same way again, might have to get myself a few jars to add to the flower and ribbons jars, so they are out on display and I use them a bit more..Sue