Sunday, August 10, 2008

Step by Step techinique

Hey everyone...hope your all enjoying your weekend... its freezing cold and raining here at the moment so im sitting in front of the heater lol...
So this week i thought i would share with you all a technique that i find very easy to do on a page and one that i used on my last DT page...

This is NOT a fast technique (depends on how much you use) but it is quite effective and i love how it turns out...

This technique is hand sewing... i know all of you are going "i dont sew" but hey if i can do this technique then anyone can lol...

Ok to start off with I tend to draw a line of where i want it to go when i start to sew... for the circle i used a dinner plate but a circle cutter would work also.. i then lightly drew around it in pencil...

i always put holes before i start sewing... i use a making memories paper piercer to make the holes..
i start by making the inside holes first (on the line that i drew) i then go back and make the second and third line of holes (these i dont measure i just place where ever i want them to be and how big my stitches will be usually around 1cm apart or there abouts).

as you can see i place the second and third holes roughly off centre to the other ones just gives a diffrent effect once it is complete.
once the holes are done its time to sew... i use embroidery thread to sew with and i use a whole strand of thread but for diffrent effects you can use 3 or 2 strands...i start with the middle line first again to get the line and shape...

i start at one end and use a back stitch to sew... this is quite an easy stitch to do...
i then continue on sewing till its finished then i start with the other lines... (dosnt matter which ones) i do this till my whole line where i want the sewing to be is completed...

so that is how it should look at the end...this is the page i did using this technique...this page is made using the new basic grey Euphoria.

Products used on this page:
BG Euphoria Alphabet Stickers
BG Eurphoria Paper Arcadia
BG Eurphoria Paper Delirium
BG Eurphoria Paper Frenzy
Kaiser Craft Rhinestones
GT Blossoms Blue Sky Blue Medium
GT Blossoms Green Lime Medium
GT Blossoms Pink Hot Medium
GT Blossoms Purple Medium
EK Paper Shaper Retro Flower Medium
Bazzill Cardstock Ocean
Bazzill Cardstock Limade

I hope that you give this a go.. even if your not a sewer its easy to do and looks great once it is finished...

hope the rest of your weekend is a fun one

take care



Sarah Whitton said...

Wow Sheree, now l would be one of those people who say "i don't sew", but l never knew how l could hand-sew without destroying the paper - l don't know why l didn't think about it before!

I never wanted to try machines with paper layouts, l used machines at school and l was a shocker!

Thanks for this :)

Kylie said...

This looks gorgeous Sheree & so effective!!!
I've never thought of stitching side by side before so thank you!!
Beautiful lo!!

Scraploot Scrappers said...

Hey You, you know that I just love sewing (not)..maybe we should do a technique on know...if using 'em you have to sew '