Monday, August 25, 2008

Alcohol Inks

So it is time for another little technique tip, this week I pulled out my Alcohol inks, and had a little play with them. There are a few different ways that you can use them, and here is just one of them.

OK so what your going to need is
A cardboard box
some Transparency
Alcohol Inks(I have used these)
and a Blending Solution
First up, (I put some paper down inside my box, cause it was pretty messy in there and I wanted you to see the full effect)lay your transparency down in your box (pizza box's are great for this, easy clean up), then let the Alcohol inks drop onto your transparency, mix up your colours too.
then using your blending solution squirt a little on to help the colours to blend in, this will 're-wet' any drying ink if it dries on you, and will help to clean up any mess on your desk too (found that one out the hard way!)
If you are after a more blended effect blow on the inks too, a straw would be great for this.
then using another piece of transparency place it over the top of your inks, think back to those school days and your 'butterfly paintings' when you peal it off this is the effect you ill get.
let your inks dry, if using a box like I did then put the lid down and put it in a safe place, shouldn't take more then half an hour to dry depending on the weather.

Once dry use as a new embellishment!!

here I have punched it out using circle punches, and scalloped it and stapled it on
and this one I punched out and attached to white cardstock, it really makes those colours stand out, then used doodlebug glitter on the edge of the scallop circle.

These inks are also great for Heidi Swapps clear ghost embellies and alphas also (available in the shop) also if you purchase the Scraploot clear albums, you could do this on a whole clear page, that would be a great personal effect!

SO what are you waiting for???


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