Monday, June 23, 2008

DT Challenge

Hi Ladies, well as Anthea and Sheree have said, you have blown us away with your entries for the challenge. Its going to be tough to make a decision, in fact so tough, Sue has chickened out and has passed the challenge of making the final choices onto Anthea and Sheree. They have some criteria that they need to take into account when selecting.

Good luck to everyone one!


jacqui jones said...

i dont envy u guys at all
good luck picking

Arby said...

Totally agree there! I think that no matter who they pick they will be bringing heaps of inspiration our way! Along with the existing DT members!
Again thanks and I can't wait for the next comps to begin!!!!!

Kylie said...

HI girls
was just wondering if a decision has been reached yet?...The waits a killer!!...LOL

Anthea said...

have you ever heard 'All good things come to those that wait'

LOL, no it is coming soon!!!

just like christmas day hey!! not a very paitent girl here either =)

Kylie said...

LOL @ christmas day Anthea!! know me already =}

Ooooh that does sound very intersting though!!

Thanks for the update!!