Sunday, June 15, 2008

Design Team Challenge #6

Oh My Goodness, this is the last week of our 6 week journey, and can I say that it has been so wonderful to watch all of the layouts go up in the gallery, and all of the comments of support to all of you! It really is going to be a hard decision!!!

OK this last challenge we wanted to make it fun, we want to see YOUR creativity, and how you interpret someone else's work!!! YEP this is our own version of Aussie Scrap Jack, EXCEPT YOU choose the LO and the person you want to Jack (so to speak! LOL)

OK for my sample I 'Jacked' Sheree's Layout, you can find it HERE

NOW to the 'Rules'

The Layout you must 'Jack' has to be either one of Sheree's, OR one of Mine, (I want these layouts to be found in our galleries, and I have linked them up here for you) please leave a link when posting your layout up in the gallery to the page and person you are 'Jacking' if you are unsure how to do that, then please just let us know the title and the owner of the original layout, oh and as usual please have your layouts uploaded in the correct gallery by 11.59pm EST.

OH and one more thing, could everyone who is participating in the Design Team Call Comp please email us at letting us know their contact phone number and email address. We will then be in touch!

OOOOO Its getting exciting!!!




Arby said...

OK so it can be the general idea... Your interpritation of the LO you have picked????

Not en exact replica!?

kirstypiper said...

Ooooh boy, I think this one of the toughest challenges yet! Hope I can do one of those gorgeous LOs in the gallery justice!

Anthea said...

Arby, if you like it can be just the basic idea of the LO you chose to lift, or it can be an exact copy, we want to see how you interpret someone elses layout, we would prefer to see your 'signature' on the layout, so just have fun with it, as you can see the layout I chose looks almost nothing like the layout I made, BUT it has the general idea of the original IYKWIM?

if you have any more questions dont hesitate to ask.

Good luck Kirsty, we cant wait to see what you create!!!

Arby said...

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone. The challenges have been great and the other ladies have turned out amazing LO's. Well done to all of you! To all of those at Scraploot thanks for a great shop and my DH says stop having sales he is broke!

Sharmaine said...

And I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the inspiration to create and the opportunity to share. All the best to everyone and congrats to the people choosen. Don't envy the judging of the amazing work that has been created, so all the best to those making the decisions.