Saturday, June 27, 2009


Are you tired of the same old lettering for your headings. I have an idea that you can use to change your existing lettering into something new-dots and spots.

All you need is some chipboard, foam, vinyl or even sticker lettering, a white or black pen or some acrylic paint and a toothpick.

Next step is to add some dots to the letters either all over or just parts of them for a new look.

Please note that pen such as the uniball signo will not work on foam lettering, here you need to use paint and a toothpick to apply it, but pen works on all other lettering types.

Here are my examples

On this example I have used a uniball signo pen to add groups of three dots to each vinyl thickers letter.

This time I used the same pen but added dots right around the edge of each vera thickers letters. I used pen again to add dots around the edge of bella chipz chipboard lettering.

And finally here I have used a toothpick to add white acrylic paint dots to these foam subway thickers. ( sorry cant show you the whole layout ).

Well thats it for now hope you have found some inspiration to add some zing to your headings.


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Brigitte G. from the Blue mountains :) said...

ohh i love love love the end result !!
makes an aweeesome title !!
well done :)