Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stickers haven't they come a long way since I started scrapbooking. I remember the first scrapbook store I walked into and stickers came on ROLLS. There was slightly transparent letters and animals of all kinds from bumble bees to whales. I used to coach children very close to a scrapbook store and I still remember the girls going in and buying the stickers for their sticker collections.
Well we have moved on and now there are some FUNKY stickers out there on the market. Stickers that enhance scrapbooking pages and add a little bit of extra detail to a page, like these. I love word stickers that support the story or add meaning to a photo. 7 Gypsies 97% Complete stickers are fantastic for this. They come in so many different themes.
The words perfect fit come in a long strip. I just cut what I needed and placed the strip back on the sheet to use another time.

To help correct placement of Letter stickers i love to lay them out on my ruler first and check the spacing. This helps ensure you are not pulling them off if you are not happy and ripping the sticker.
Once you are happy stick the top down and slowly guide the ruler away.

The stickers on this tantrum layout cover some dead space in the photo and hide the dirt on my kitchen floor.
It is great to also give stickers a bit of a lift by placing foam tape or chipboard behind them.
Sewing around stickers also gives more of a personal touch.
I store my stickers using 3 different methods.

I store them with the paper collection they match. Many companies make matching stickers that coordinate with their papers so I store them together in my cropper hopper so I don't forget I have them.

I hang a lot of my word and definition stickers on my Clip-it-up in themes. So boy stickers go together and Christmas hang together.

My alphabet stickers are in plastic sleeves in a foolscap folder. I like to keep brands and colours together.

Sometimes when I have some stickers left over from a sheet I pop them on a card. I wanted to use this sticker on my first bike layout but it did not fit so I made a card with some left over card stock.


Kim said...

Thanks for that tip about using the ruler inm going to try that.
Ps you can have the bunny but not the baby LOL

sheree said...

great ideas belinda love both of your pages... must get my stickers and alpha stickers organised i think...


Narelle said...

Hey There,
Love the layout and the clever tips. I agree with the fact that stickers have come a long way. Wish I was as organised as you with having all of the different storage methods - that is way too organised.
Love Your Work