Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tree Decoration

So this week I thought I would show you a nice idea for a tree decoration, this one is great for getting the kids to help out with too. I spied something similar in a magazine a couple of years back and had been wanting to give it a go myself. I have only 1 example to show you, but there are many possibilities that you could do too.

So you start out with some of these baubles, I picked these up from Spotlight in a pack of 6. Here is where you can really let the imagination run wild. I have cut up some strips of patterned paper (scraps are PERFECT) and then rolled them up tightly, I made these last year with my middle son, he was sick at the time but happy to help me roll up the strips of paper.
Then put them into the baubles.
Then I put in some small buttons and some beads.
And that's it, simple, and fun and looks great on the tree (excuse the bad photo is is overcast here today)

I have had some other ideas too when it come to filling these little beauties up, Small photos with some buttons and beads would also look amazing, or a diecut Christmas themed shape too, I also have some baubles on my tree that have some tinsel in it. I guess you are limited to sizes, but so long as it can be rolled up it can fit in here.

Oh and a little tip, don't leave these little beauties near the bottom of the tree, cause I learnt the hard way that it isn't fun cleaning up 100's of little beads after a almost 18 month old finds these 'interesting' lol

Well this is the last of my blog updates till next year (I cant believe I am saying that!!) We are off on a little family holiday up north to spend Christmas with my inlaws, (after Heidi Swapp of course!) so Merry Christmas to you all from me, I hope it is a safe and happy time for all of you. Remember if driving, drive safe! and I will 'see' you all in the new year.


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