Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hello avid readers (waving frantically) it is my turn (Jodi) to update the lovely Scraploot blog, I have decided to share a technique that I use quite often in my scrapbooking. I know that many of us do not like our own handwriting and quite often will resort to using hidden journaling or worse still none at all!! My technique is very simple and allows you to add journaling of any font and brushes to any part of your layout.

Step 1. Type out your journaling in word or Photoshop (or whichever program you usually use)

Step 2. In your printer options change your settings to print in reverse or mirror image.

Step 3. Print your journaling onto a blank transparency (I have a piece that I use over and over)

Step 3. Carefully place the transparency ink side down onto your layout. Gently rub your finger over the entire section of the transparency being very careful not to move it or it will smudge. I actually place a tissue under my finger to help it glide over the transparency instead of my finger sticking to it.

Step 4. Remove the transparency and wipe clean so that you can use it again and again

Step 5. Sit back and feel happy that you have added important information to your scrapbooking


Please note that sometimes parts of the print may be lighter than other parts if pressure hasn’t been applied evenly, this can be corrected by using a pen of the same colour but always test to make sure that the ink doesn’t bleed before using on your layout

I hope that this tip has been helpful and please don’t hesitate to leave a question in the comments section…I am more than happy to answer questions :0)

Happy Scrapping
Till next time

xx Jode


Kim said...

Wow what an awesome tip will give this a go some time, love your layout too so elegant

Sarah Whitton said...

I always wondered how this as done, l mean, sitting there and writing all of that journalling you've shown on your pretty layout? Now l know the secret! Thanks :)

Scraploot Scrappers said...

Wow Jodi, you are a genious...what a fantastic technique...and here I was thinking you had a gorgeous handwriting style...Brilliant..Sue